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Some rules are not meant to be broken.

KOG Volleyball

Our Rules

Below is a list of rules for our formats. Every player must be a member of AVP America as all of our events are sanctioned events.


Old School Doubles volleyball rules is how the doubles game started in the US. These rules are dramatically different than what you see on TV. The Old School way is a game of endurance and perseverance with no time limits set on your games. For those of you never playing the Old School way, the first thing you will notice is that the court is much bigger. It's the same size as an indoor court. The list of rules below is what will be different for you, we will not list every single rule such as the ones we take for granted, like a ball landing on the line is IN.

  • No Net serves. If your serve hits the net to any degree, you lose serve and it goes to your opponent.
  • Sideout Scoring. You only gain a point when you serve. You are not awarded a point when you sideout.
  • A block does not count as a hit/touch.
  • At no time can a player touch the net. Hair and clothing is permissable to touch the net. Hats and shoes are not allowed to touch the net. If you touch the net after the ball is down and it's part of your follow-through, it's a net violation.
  • You can not open hands pass a serve; your hands must be together or touching each other.
  • You can open hands pass an offensive hit only if the ball is hit on a continous downward path (sometimes called "hard driven") from point of contact from the offensive player; your pass MUST come out clean (no double contact). If the offensive driven ball arcs at all and you use your open hands to pass it, its a violation.
  • If you open hands set over the net, 1) it must be square to your shoulders, and 2) it can not make more than 1 rotation. If BOTH of these things do not happen, its a violation. If only one of these things happen, its a violation.


Reverse Coed Doubles is alot like Old School Doubles, only a team consists of one male and one female partner playing on a woman's net. All the rules above, in Old School Doubles, apply as well as these listed below.

  • Males hit behind, not on, the 10' line we paint on the grass.
  • Males cannot block, at all, in any way, shape, or form.
  • If a male sends the ball over the net while in front of the 10' line, he can not make contact with the ball when the entire ball is above the plane of the net.