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Running tournaments since 2000!

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It's about the bragging rights!

KOG quickly learned it wasn't about the money, it was more about the experience and the bragging rights. In the first three years, we tried a number of formats to keep it competitive and fair. By trial and error, talking to the big KOB on the west coast, and listening to everyone's point of view, we have devised a successful format that works.


Good news travels fast!

Amongst our group of friends, word spread quickly on how much fun we were having, and each year the requests to play greatly exceeded the space we had. I'm sure you can now see what inspired us to take the tournament to a larger scale.


For the love of the game

By promoting volleyball within the community, we wish to help better our community. We give Players the platform to compete amongst others within their skill level and we give Spectators a day of fun the entire family can enjoy. So please, come out and play, get noticed, and most importantly - HAVE FUN!


Meet our

KOG's Frank

Frank Memmo Devourer of Food

KOG's Rae

Rae Peele Sir Instigator & Jokester

KOG's Carlos

Carlos Silva Taco Lucha Libre

KOG's Nader

Nader Nassif Pharaoh of Volley

How KOG started.

What can we say, we love every aspect of this sport! In 1999 we were inspired to have a small group of people get together on two nets for a day of fun in a King of the Beach type scenario in one of Adam's horse pastures! This allowed players of lower skill levels to play with players of higher skill levels; since everyone was friends or friends of friends, it was a fun one day event. We would have everyone pitch in $10 and that would allow us to order 3 or 4 pizzas and let the winner walk away with about $50.

KOG is an awesome tournament experience. It's the perfect balance of competition combined with the feeling of just having a good time with friends.

Kat Castillo

I have always had a great time playing in KOG events! These tournaments are a big reason for the increased popularity in the sport locally.

Eric Ryba

I have been going to KOG tournaments for years and am always impressed by the excellent job they do to provide an enjoyable, laid-back environment for competitive volleyball for all levels! I am never disappointed when I attend a KOG event!

Jessica Tramontozzi