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KOG Volleyball

This list will grow over time. We try to post all the most common questions we are asked so our players, parents, and spectators can plan accordingly.

YES! Our events are sanctioned events. Players receive discounts on AVP gear and travel, points that allow for seeding that other regional tournaments use as well, and the opportunity to play in the AVP Grass Nationals. Visit their site to see all the benefits members receive.

YES! There is ample parking less than 100yds from the field of play.

YES! Grocery stores, convenience stores, plenty of fast food choices, Starbucks, and some of the best Korean BBQ places in the Baltimore area!

This is open to interpretation, but based on our experience and the number of players we know at all levels, here is OUR definition. OPEN: Open players have excellent ball control skills. Passing, setting, hitting, digging, and even jump serving are very natural and virtually effortless at this level. Now the players playing this division will say its far from effortless; to the lower skilled players they make it LOOK effortless. AA/A: This division of players still have great ball control skills. You know the game, and you may be a great hitter, but the rest of your game isn't quite there yet when you compare it to the OPEN level players. If you are trying to rate yourself here's a suggestion: 90% of your float serves should be in, your passing should be better then 50%, you should be able to hand set with very minimal ball rotation, and you should be able to hit the ball down and in at least 80% of the time. BB/B: This division is for everyone else that knows how to play organized volleyball. Even though this is the lower level, these people still know the rules of the game and play on a regular basis, or have played on a regular basis at some point in their life. If you are the once or twice a year player that plays at your backyard family reunion, then you should consider being a spectator first and looking into your local parks & rec leagues to become familiar with organized volleyball.

No. If you are in college and have an athletic scholarship, you are techincally unable to accept a cash prize. If you play with a partner that is NOT on an athletic scholarship, your partner will receive their share (50%) of the cash payout, while your 50% share gets divided into all of the other positions that get paid out.

Yes. However, they must be on a leash at all times, provided water and shade, and cleaned up after. The leash rule is a county law and we are on public school property. We do ask that if you have aggressive dogs, or dogs that are overly persistent barkers, please leave them home.

Yes, if you are in high school you can play in a KOG Volleyball Tournament with parental consent. Please be advised that every high school has their own unique set of rules; it is recommended that players consult with their Athletics Director before registering.

If you have more questions, call us: (410) 591-7698 We want your KOG experience to be a great one!