Bad Weather/Refunds

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We play in the rain as long as there is no standing water or lightning.

KOG Volleyball

Inclement Weather and Refunds


As with any outdoor event, weather can directly effect a tournament. Our number one determining factor is the players' safety. With that in mind, we will cancel a tournament if there is standing water on the fields. Luckily, our fields have excellent drainage so this is rarely the case. WE DO PLAY IN THE RAIN. On such occasions, if the rain is severe or there is lightning (in the case of a thunderstorm), we will stop play and have everyone seek shelter until it passes. Remember, thunderstorms are rarely longer than 30 minutes during the summer, and usually much less in time. When this happens, please do not earn a Darwin Award for seeking shelter under your metal framed shade tent.


Refunds will be issued under 2 circumstances ONLY. If a tournament is canceled due to weather before 12:00PM the day of the tournament, you will be refunded. If you cancel 72-hours before the day of the tournament, you will be refunded. Anything less than 72-hours we cannot refund - this is part of our merchant agreement. Example: You are registered to play 8:30AM Saturday morning, in order to receive a refund for canceling, we would need to be notified BEFORE 8:30AM the Wednesday before the tournament.